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Functional Strength Training

Bringing Performance Training To You!

Athletes move forward, up and down, and sideways all at the same time. Being strong and responsive in multiple planes simultaneously is the cornerstone of excellent performance and injury prevention. By eliminating muscle imbalances and improving strength and coordination, your training becomes more effective – and your risk of injury decreases.

Become a more efficient and faster athlete with a customized functional training program to target your areas of weakness and maximize your potential. The Functional Strength Training (FST) program is designed as a home program for self-motivated athletes wanting to take their performance to the next level.

The Functional Strength Training Program includes:

  • Initial functional evaluation session with certified sports performance specialist
  • Instructional session to review your customized FST program
  • Four (4) program updates
  • Functional re-assessment 3 months after initiation
  • Home program with photos and video for easy technique reference

The FST program is good for 6 months beginning the day of enrollment. Call 714-633-7227 for more information and to schedule your initial evaluation.

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