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  • I hurt 3 ligaments in my ankle playing volleyball. I went to a doctor and was told to wear a boot for 2 weeks, and that I’d be fine. But I wasn’t. So, I started physical therapy at SCAR with hardly any mobility and a lot of pain. After working hard, I was able to get back to full range of motion without pain and to playing volleyball! (July 2018)


  • The body does not forgive! The body does not forget! But thank goodness the body has SCAR! Three different times for three different accidents, SCAR saved me. Teaching school can be a dangerous profession! Kids seem to survive the blacktop, but not me. Walking out to the mailbox and tripping over a brick also sent me to SCAR. And then a surgery necessitated physical therapy for my arm. So, thank you Jim, Mike, Jeff, and Caroline for your expertise and humor. And thank you to the rest of the staff and front desk for your support, humor, and help! (June 2018)

    Elaine W.

  • Coming in initially, post surgery, I was very disabled. I now can walk without difficulty for the first time in 10 years. The staff were great, and I feel very close to fully recovered. Thank you! (June 2018)

    Cynthia Q.

  • The staff at SCAR all have one goal: to get you back and ready to play again. They are all very nice and helpful and create a good atmosphere. I enjoyed my time here. (June 2018)

    Joseph V.

  • I came to SCAR for PT after suffering a fractured tibia and fibula– post surgery (plates and screws) and 7 weeks non weight bearing. Jim and the other staff are superb! We started slowly, but then they challenged and worked with me to meet my goals: walking again, going up and down stairs, and now regaining full function. The scheduling staff and the PT staff have all been wonderful. I can’t thank you enough! (May 2018)

    Reta W.

  • I looked forward to coming to every appointment at SCAR! All of the staff are friendly and very helpful! (April 2018)

    Eliot F.

  • I love my therapist Lizz – she’s great! Now I can return to my recreational activities and hobbies 🙂  You will always be my first choice for physical therapy. Thank you, SCAR! (March 2018)

    Candyce C.

  • Within just four weeks, I was able to increase my strength and range of motion and experienced less discomfort. All the staff, including my therapist Lizz, were friendly and professional. (March 2018)

    Joseph R.

  • I would like everyone to know that my PT at SCAR, Jason, is THE BEST! He listened to my concerns regarding my injury and was always patient with me. I actually enjoyed coming for PT because Jason always had a smile and provided treatment with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who needs PT! (March 2018)

    Jeannie C.

  • I really enjoyed SCAR because everyone is super sweet and helpful, especially my physical therapist, Lizz. She helped me accomplish every goal I had when I first started treatment. I connected well with all the staff . I cannot say THANK YOU enough! I will miss you all. (February 2018)

    Sara K.

  • My experience at SCAR was therapeutic and educational! Not only have my pain and mobility improved, but also I was taught strengthening exercises, how to sit properly at my desk, and how to do household activities in a way that reduces muscle strain. Jason is very knowledgeable and friendly. He answered all my questions and taught me a great deal. Erika is also very friendly and helpful. If I ever need PT again, I will definitely go to SCAR. (February 2018)

    M. Diane T.

  • SCAR has a great staff– they are very experienced and provide effective treatment. This is the place to go for sports conditioning. I had significant pain reduction and increased flexibility. (January 2018)

    Fred T.

  • Before I came to SCAR I was unable to play golf without significant pain every time I swung a club. Now I’m able to play golf completely pain free. My golf game needs improvement but at least I can now practice without pain. Lizz and the other folks here at SCAR have been great! (December 2017)

    Ken B.

  • My improvements with range of motion and decreased pain were outstanding. I had been to SCAR before so I expected and received excellent results again!

    Steve F.

  • I have been so happy here at SCAR! I have decreased a lot of my daily pain and no longer feel “electricity” running down my arms. My core is stronger, and I’ve made so much progress with both my neck and back, which has been extremely encouraging. Many thanks to Lizz, Erika, and Brian. Lizz is the best PT fit I could have imagined, and she pushed me beyond what I thought I could do in a fun and encouraging way. Working with the other SCAR staff has also been a joy and has made my journey to recovery both fun and effective.

    Haley S.

  • My therapist, Scott, did an amazing job with me. I came to SCAR after surgery on my patella. I was still on crutches, and Scott worked with me 3 days a week for 2 months. I can now ride a bike, squat, do TRX, leg presses, and much more. Everyone at SCAR is very knowledgeable and encouraging. (October 2017)

    Cindy S.

  • My physical therapy at SCAR after rotator cuff surgery has been great! My therapist Scott knew when I was ready for new or increased activities even when I was wasn’t as confident, and I continued to gain strength and mobility. I am now able to pursue my regular activities with little to no limitation. I am feeling very confident about my results and will continue working on my shoulder. (October 2017)


  • My son has been working with Sarah at SCAR. He recently ran pain free for the first time and hopes to make his next cross country meet October 14. Thank you for the attention and encouragement that you and the rest of the staff gave him. (October 2017)

    Bob H.

  • My experience at SCAR was great. I had been here before for other injuries, and just as expected they were able to help me get results. Lizz is a great PT, and she provided a good exercise program to help me get better. Mike is awesome. His Strain Counterstrain techniques worked wonders on my injuries. I am so grateful to both Lizz and Mike for helping me get back to normal. (October 2017)

    Patricia A.

  • As a long time patient, my experiences have been great. I would recommend SCAR to anyone with aches and pains, or if they’re recovering from surgery. The staff is very professional and highly trained. They are also very flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments. (September 2017)

    Edward F.

  • My experience at SCAR was an A+. I started treatment with Jim when I tore my ACL 12 years ago because my surgeon recommended him highly. I returned to SCAR when I hurt my back, and again they were great! The third time I required treatment was after surgery on the cartilage in my knee. Jeff was amazing! He’s awesome and very knowledgeable. Jeff makes sure his patients are comfortable and cheers you on! I felt secure and knew I was in good hands. Thanks, Jeff, for helping me! I highly recommend SCAR! (September 2017)

    Jayme S.

  • Coming to SCAR for physical therapy was a fantastic experience. The staff is friendly, fun, and supportive. Having an environment in which friendships are made, exercise groups are formed, and laughs are plenty made healing that much more exciting. I am thankful to my therapist, Lizz, and the SCAR staff. I would recommend SCAR to anyone. Thank you! (September 2017)

    Amy B.

  • At first I thought my ACL injury was devastating, but SCAR changed my mindset. Through physical therapy with Lizz, I started to learn how strong I needed to be through this journey, and that I truly could get through it. I feel amazing now! (August 2017)

    Marlia M.

  • My time spent at SCAR was phenomenal. I had a great experience with the staff, who continually evolved my exercise progression. (August 2017)

    Max O.

  • The staff at SCAR is great! Lizz was spot on with all my therapy, and the positive results occurred much more quickly than I thought after suffering with shoulder pain for so long! Thank you, Lizz, and everyone at SCAR! (August 2017)

    Kim B.

  • My therapist, Lizz, did a superb job assisting me with bringing my elbow back to full strength. Everyone at SCAR was kind and helpful. (August 2017)

    Quinton B.

  • The team at SCAR was very accommodating – they worked with my schedule on a weekly basis. My therapist, Lizz, was so patient with me. She taught me several different exercises that I will continue to utilize for my life time. I am amazed at what we accomplished in only six weeks!

    Daniel C.

  • My therapist, Lizz, was absolutely fantastic! She made the rehab process easy but yet pushed me to meet my goals with healing my shoulder. She made physical therapy not miserable – actually, it was pretty fun! Overall SCAR is a 10 out of 10. I would recommend them. (August 2017)

    Michael S.

  • When I started coming to therapy, I was in pain all the time, unable to sleep, and could not do my job (horse training) very well. Now my range of motion and strength are better than before my injury. My pain is gone, and I can do my job pain free. Coming to SCAR and working with Scott has further motivated me to get in the best physical condition I can. I now have a SCAR gym membership and plan to do personal training with Leo. I am excited to find out what I can accomplish! (July 2017)

    C. Panttaja

  • Being diagnosed with vertigo was a nightmare. Thank you, Lizz, for helping me regain my equilibrium! (June 2017)

    James E.

  • When I started physical therapy I did not think I would improve that fast. But I feel better than before! I want to thank everyone at SCAR. (June 2017)

  • My therapist, Scott, was great to work with. This was my second injury that I had treatment with Scott, and both experiences were great. (June 2017)

    Joseph P.

  • I’ve been working with Scott Holman for the past couple of months. When I first came to SCAR, I was 5+ months out from my injury and still experiencing moderate to severe pain in my ankle and low back. Scott’s use of manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises has strengthened my ankle and now I experience almost no pain. I’m very happy with the treatment I’ve received at SCAR and would highly recommend it! (June 2017)

    Amy K.

  • Thank you, team at SCAR! I could not imagine walking and getting back to the mainstream of life without all of you. A very special thanks to my therapist, Scott! He is friendly, kind, and caring and worked in my best interest. I can’t say enough for all of you! Thanks for being here for people who need help! (April 2017)

    Linda D.

  • Great experience at SCAR! Lizz and the other therapists are knowledgeable. Tough but compassionate. Thank you for getting me through a difficult time. Thanks to the front desk staff, too, who were very pleasant and efficient. (April 2017)

    Dineen P.

  • Coming to SCAR has been a life-changing experience! Lizz was able to make me even better than before my ACL surgery and has taught me all the tools I need to keep strong! I’m beyond grateful for Lizz and the rest of the SCAR staff. This place is my second home. Running for only a few months, I got my mile from 15 minutes to 10:22. Now that I’m a SCAR member, I’m aiming for an 8-minute mile! (February 2017)

    Svetlana Z.

  • The SCAR staff have been helpful and courteous. I arrived initially discouraged with my pain and hindered activity. Now I feel hopeful and encouraged that I know what I need to do and that it will make a difference. Thank you, Lizz! (February 2017)

    Tracy S.

  • Caroline’s therapy not only helped me get better– it’s made me a better runner. I ran the Temecula 1/2 Marathon 10 minutes faster than last year.  I also ran a local 5K on Thanksgiving for a new personal best without soreness. Can’t thank you enough!  (Nov. 2016)

    Mike B.

  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lizz and Valencia during my physical therapy sessions. They both pushed me to new limits I did not think were possible. I also appreciated the friendly atmosphere and attentive front office staff. Thank you, Lizz, for listening to my stories and for getting me to run again! (Nov. 2016)

    Damian M.

  • Excellent staff. Thank you for all your help. Scott and Laura are wonderful! I would recommend SCAR to everyone. God bless you. (Nov. 2016)

    Gerry S.

  • Excellent. Kenny got me back up and running. I’ve been to a few therapy places for previous sports injuries– SCAR is one of the best. Thanks!

    Jorge M.

  • Considering my injury, it has been an amazing experience.  I never knew places like this even existed. (My doctor) did an awesome job patching me up in surgery, and Kenny put me back on track to resume my normal routine and more. I’ve learned the proper way to take care of my knees and to seek guidance for any future soccer injuries. Thank you so much! (July 2016)

    Carlo S.

  • I came to SCAR with low back pain, severe and debilitating at times. Within 2 weeks all my pain subsided, and I have resumed normal activities. Most of the exercises are easy to do at home, and I will continue to do them to prevent any further issues with my back. Lizz’s “kneading” of my back with her hands is very effective, too.  I highly recommend SCAR. (July 2016)

    Linda S.

  • I have been to SCAR two times for ACL rehab. Each time, the staff displayed the utmost professionalism and made me feel welcome. Lizz was fantastic– she got me back into running and soccer as fast as possible. Thank you! (August 2016)

    Chris D.

  • I now have full extension in my shoulder after surgery. Excellent treatment at SCAR and knowledgeable staff.  Scott and Jeff are the best.  I’m impressed and recommend SCAR for physical training, injury treatment, and mental attitude. (June 2016)

    John V.

  • Everyone associated with SCAR offers support and encouragement. Lizz gave me the confidence to attempt new and increasingly more difficult tasks. Her positive attitude empowered me to strive to regain my pre-injury physical abilities. The atmosphere at SCAR enabled me to maximize my recovery by providing a professional, yet nurturing, therapy program. Thank you! (July 2016)

    Pamela K.

  • I came to SCAR to strengthen my core and low back. I had significant pain at the beginning of treatment.  Now at the end of treatment, pain is very minimal and manageable. With (the therapist’s) help and take home exercises, I have improved significantly. I feel the staff and service are exceptional. (June 2016)

    Magdaleno R.

  • The facility is one stop for strength training and rehabilitation for the inevitable injuries that plague athletes. When you first walk into SCAR you may be a frustrated runner, soccer player or weekend warrior, but when you are finished with your program there, you will feel like an athlete. The family atmosphere at SCAR makes clients feel welcome but amid the friendly banter, important things happen there. Jim Herkimer and his PT staff can not only fix what ails you, he can make you better, stronger and faster than you were before.

    Ingrid L.

  • The staff were amazing, especially Lizz. I first came to SCAR unable to put on my shoes without sitting down. Now, I’ve made a full recovery and could not be happier. Recently I finished the Boston Marathon pain free! The care and instruction I received were fantastic. The exercises I learned not only helped me recover from my injury, but also will help me prevent future injuries.  I would not hesitate to recommend SCAR to my family, friends, and athletes I coach. Thank you! (April 2016)

    William C.

  • I feel that my strength, reaction time, balance, and more have improved greatly from working out here at SCAR. (Feb. 2016)

    Michael A.

  • I have successfully been working with Jim Herkimer and the team from SCAR for several years. I have been re-built from the ground up after injuries and have been able to fully come back and compete at the highest level. I train at SCAR for both strength and conditioning while focusing on my core. As a pro cyclist with a very long season, strength and conditioning is vital for my success. Jim and his team have improved my range of motion and strength so well from my shoulder injuries, that they have far exceeded my orthopedic surgeon’s expectations. SCAR has made me into a well balanced athlete and every time I go to SCAR I truly believe I leave a better athlete.

    Austin C.

  • SCAR is truly an amazing and positive place for PT and/or training. The staff are highly trained professionals who always take a personal interest in the needs of each client. Their caring, encouragement, and reassurance make PT a positive experience.  In addition to the knowledgeable and great staff, SCAR offers a comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which to heal and/or to work out. SCAR is a positive experience on all levels! (May 2016)

    Linda G.

  • My physician referred me to SCAR, where I’m working with Scott. He is very informative and attentive to my physical issues. Scott’s patience is remarkable; he is relaxed and caring and provides constant direction and encouragement. He provides the perfect environment for patients to progress with therapy. (Feb. 2016)

    Carol D.

  • I had a great experience at SCAR. The staff was awesome. Lizz is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was able to get me to a point where I almost never feel any pain. (April 2016)

    Philip O.

  • I am making progress and improvement resolving my problem. I believe this is directly related to my treatment at SCAR. (April 2016)

    Tony P.

  • The staff’s dedication to their patients and the work-place is unbelievable. They always display the perfect amount of kindness and respect to the patients and each other.  I rate them a 10 out of 10 and would come back if injured again. (April 2016)

    Michael A.

  • Dear Sarah and Team @ SCAR, Thank you for keeping my plantar fasciitis under control as my marathon approached. I successfully completed the (Guam) marathon, and it was an enjoyable experience. Your treatment and care are top notch and very much appreciated! (April 2016)

    Chris L.

  • I sincerely appreciate all SCAR has done for me these past few years as I have recovered from my knee injury. I have learned a lot about my physical health and well-being from SCAR’s wonderful staff, especially Caroline and Sarah. Their enthusiasm and encouragement through the process made all the difference in the world, and I am better for it! Thank you all! (April 2016)

    Kathy M.

  • Jim, I just wanted to tell you I went kayaking! I finally reached that goal: to go out in a double kayak with my husband. All my body parts worked. I’m very grateful to be stronger and more functional. Thank you!

    Sandy D.

  • Dear Jim, I just want to share with you my successes at SCAR. I arrived here on heavy pain medications due to post herpetic nerve pain. Celeste has helped me go from being a patient in pain to being a client doing Pilates. With her help I’ve come a long way. I feel so strong now! Thank you. (Dec. 2015)

    Marianne K.

  • My Achilles tendon had been hurting off and on for 11 years, and in March 2015 it ruptured. Following surgical repair, I came to SCAR for therapy. I was still in a walking boot at the time and couldn’t walk without limping or pain. With three months of hard work at SCAR, I can walk– and even run– pain free! (Sep. 2015)

    Gus F.

  • What started as physical therapy for my knee has turned into fitness for the whole family. I started coming to SCAR as a physical therapy patient and while I was there I saw all the great services and programs they have to offer. My 19 year old son trained at SCAR for his summer training program to be ready for collegiate soccer in the fall. We found that the student membership was not only a great deal, it prepared him to start soccer training camp in the fall in the best shape ever. Now the entire family comes to SCAR and they meet our varied needs for fitness. From sports training at the highest level for our student athletes, to personal training and a gym membership for me, we have been so pleased with the programs and staff at SCAR. We highly recommend them to anyone for fitness or physical therapy.

    Shameeron P. & Family

  • I am very impressed by the attention to detail and the truly customized treatment and rehabilitation that Jim Herkimer and the whole PT staff provided. He is a top-notch professional – knowledgeable, supportive, and demanding in just the right way. Jim recognized when to make greater demands on me and when to let me maintain.

    Sylvia T.

  • Rehab from bilateral knee surgery is not an easy task. Jim and the staff at SCAR have turned rehab into an ‘art form’. They have a way of catering exercises to every individual’s needs. My legs and core, in general, are stronger. The exercises Jim has me do have even put an end to chronic lower back pain. I leave feeling tired and sore but feel great about having a good work out. Luckily, the tiredness and soreness go away. Then, I feel great!

    Lynnette Y.

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