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Custom Orthotics

Got Pain? Orthotics Can Help!

If you have flat feet, high arches, pronation, low back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis (arch pain and/or heel pain), neuroma, or heel spurs, you could be a candidate for orthotics. Whether you want to run pain free or simply to get through your day without being hindered by discomfort, our custom orthotics might be the solution!

We offer a full range of orthotic options

Customized for you to fit your unique needs, we provide various types of orthotics, including:

  • Ridged
  • Semi-ridged
  • Soft
  • Athletic
  • Shoe-specific
  • Leather

What to expect

During your first visit, our certified professional will assess your walking gait and the structure of your feet, and you will discuss your needs and goals. Instead of a messy plaster cast or a potentially inaccurate foam impression box, we use a state-of-the-art scanning system to create a 3D digital file of your foot. The file is then uploaded to a precision milling device that produces an exact replica on which the orthotic shell is molded to suit your unique needs. When your orthotics are complete, you return for a follow up visit to try them out and to receive personalized instructions.

Our pricing is competitive. To schedule your first appointment, please call 714-633-7227.
SCAR Orthotics

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