I had a great experience at SCAR. The staff was awesome. Lizz is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was able to get me to a point where I almost never feel any pain. (April 2016)

Philip 0.

I am making progress and improvement resolving my problem. I believe this is directly related to my treatment at SCAR. (April 2016)

Tony P.

I feel that my strength, reaction time, balance, and more have improved greatly from working out here at SCAR. (Feb. 2016)

Michael A.

The staff’s dedication to their patients and the work-place is unbelievable. They always display the perfect amount of kindness and respect to the patients and each other. I rate them a 10 out of 10 and would come back if injured again. (April 2016)

Michael A.

Dear Sarah and Team @ SCAR, Thank you for keeping my plantar fasciitis under control as my marathon approached. I successfully completed the (Guam) marathon, and it was an enjoyable experience. Your treatment and care are top notch and very much appreciated! (April 2016)

Chris L.

I sincerely appreciate all SCAR has done for me these past few years as I have recovered from my knee injury. I have learned a lot about my physical health and well-being from SCAR’s wonderful staff, especially Caroline and Sarah. Their enthusiasm and encouragement through the process made all the difference in the world, and I am better for it! Thank you all! (April 2016)

Kathy M.