Jim, I just wanted to tell you I went kayaking! I finally reached that goal: to go out in a double kayak with my husband. All my body parts worked. I’m very grateful to be stronger and more functional. Thank you!

Sandy D.

Dear Jim, I just want to share with you my successes at SCAR. I arrived here on heavy pain medications due to post herpetic nerve pain. Celeste has helped me go from being a patient in pain to being a client doing Pilates. With her help I’ve come a long way. I feel so strong now! Thank you. (Dec. 2015)

Marianne K.

My Achilles tendon had been hurting off and on for 11 years, and in March 2015 it ruptured. Following surgical repair, I came to SCAR for therapy. I was still in a walking boot at the time and couldn’t walk without limping or pain. With three months of hard work at SCAR, I can walk– and even run– pain free! (Sep. 2015)

Gus F.

The staff’s dedication to their patients and the work-place is unbelievable. They always display the perfect amount of kindness and respect to the patients and each other. I rate them a 10 out of 10 and would come back if injured again. (April 2016)

Michael A.

What started as physical therapy for my knee has turned into fitness for the whole family. I started coming to SCAR as a physical therapy patient and while I was there I saw all the great services and programs they have to offer. My 19 year old son trained at SCAR for his summer training program to be ready for collegiate soccer in the fall. We found that the student membership was not only a great deal, it prepared him to start soccer training camp in the fall in the best shape ever. Now the entire family comes to SCAR and they meet our varied needs for fitness. From sports training at the highest level for our student athletes, to personal training and a gym membership for me, we have been so pleased with the programs and staff at SCAR. We highly recommend them to anyone for fitness or physical therapy.

Shameeron P. & Family

I am very impressed by the attention to detail and the truly customized treatment and rehabilitation that Jim Herkimer and the whole PT staff provided. He is a top-notch professional – knowledgeable, supportive, and demanding in just the right way. Jim recognized when to make greater demands on me and when to let me maintain.

Sylvia T.

Rehab from bilateral knee surgery is not an easy task. Jim and the staff at SCAR have turned rehab into an ‘art form’. They have a way of catering exercises to every individual’s needs. My legs and core, in general, are stronger. The exercises Jim has me do have even put an end to chronic lower back pain. I leave feeling tired and sore but feel great about having a good work out. Luckily, the tiredness and soreness go away. Then, I feel great!

Lynnette Y.