My therapist, Lizz, did a superb job assisting me with bringing my elbow back to full strength. Everyone at SCAR was kind and helpful. (August 2017)

Quinton B.

The team at SCAR was very accommodating – they worked with my schedule on a weekly basis. My therapist, Lizz, was so patient with me. She taught me several different exercises that I will continue to utilize for my life time. I am amazed at what we accomplished in only six weeks!

Daniel C.

My therapist, Lizz, was absolutely fantastic! She made the rehab process easy but yet pushed me to meet my goals with healing my shoulder. She made physical therapy not miserable – actually, it was pretty fun! Overall SCAR is a 10 out of 10. I would recommend them. (August 2017)

Michael S.

When I started coming to therapy, I was in pain all the time, unable to sleep, and could not do my job (horse training) very well. Now my range of motion and strength are better than before my injury. My pain is gone, and I can do my job pain free. Coming to SCAR and working with Scott has further motivated me to get in the best physical condition I can. I now have a SCAR gym membership and plan to do personal training with Leo. I am excited to find out what I can accomplish! (July 2017)

C. Panttaja

Being diagnosed with vertigo was a nightmare. Thank you, Lizz, for helping me regain my equilibrium! (June 2017)

Gerry S.

Excellent. Kenny got me back up and running. I’ve been to a few therapy places for previous sports injuries– SCAR is one of the best. Thanks!

James E.