The facility is one stop for strength training and rehabilitation for the inevitable injuries that plague athletes. When you first walk into SCAR you may be a frustrated runner, soccer player or weekend warrior, but when you are finished with your program there, you will feel like an athlete. The family atmosphere at SCAR makes clients feel welcome but amid the friendly banter, important things happen there. Jim Herkimer and his PT staff can not only fix what ails you, he can make you better, stronger and faster than you were before.

Ingrid L.

The staff were amazing, especially Lizz. I first came to SCAR unable to put on my shoes without sitting down. Now, I’ve made a full recovery and could not be happier. Recently I finished the Boston Marathon pain free! The care and instruction I received were fantastic. The exercises I learned not only helped me recover from my injury, but also will help me prevent future injuries. I would not hesitate to recommend SCAR to my family, friends, and athletes I coach. Thank you! (April 2016)

William C.

I feel that my strength, reaction time, balance, and more have improved greatly from working out here at SCAR. (Feb. 2016)

Michael A.

I have successfully been working with Jim Herkimer and the team from SCAR for several years. I have been re-built from the ground up after injuries and have been able to fully come back and compete at the highest level. I train at SCAR for both strength and conditioning while focusing on my core. As a pro cyclist with a very long season, strength and conditioning is vital for my success. Jim and his team have improved my range of motion and strength so well from my shoulder injuries, that they have far exceeded my orthopedic surgeon’s expectations. SCAR has made me into a well balanced athlete and every time I go to SCAR I truly believe I leave a better athlete.

Austin C.

SCAR is truly an amazing and positive place for PT and/or training. The staff are highly trained professionals who always take a personal interest in the needs of each client. Their caring, encouragement, and reassurance make PT a positive experience. In addition to the knowledgeable and great staff, SCAR offers a comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which to heal and/or to work out. SCAR is a positive experience on all levels! (May 2016)

Linda G.

My physician referred me to SCAR, where I’m working with Scott. He is very informative and attentive to my physical issues. Scott’s patience is remarkable; he is relaxed and caring and provides constant direction and encouragement. He provides the perfect environment for patients to progress with therapy. (Feb. 2016)

Carol D.