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4 Jan, 2018

Ken B.

Before I came to SCAR I was unable to play golf without significant pain every time I swung a club. Now I’m able to play golf completely pain free. My golf game needs improvement but at least I can now practice without pain. Lizz and the other folks here at SCAR have been great! (December

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1 Dec, 2017

Steve F.

My improvements with range of motion and decreased pain were outstanding. I had been to SCAR before so I expected and received excellent results again!

9 Nov, 2017

Haley S.

I have been so happy here at SCAR! I have decreased a lot of my daily pain and no longer feel “electricity” running down my arms. My core is stronger, and I’ve made so much progress with both my neck and back, which has been extremely encouraging. Many thanks to Lizz, Erika, and Brian. Lizz

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1 Nov, 2017

Cindy S.

My therapist, Scott, did an amazing job with me. I came to SCAR after surgery on my patella. I was still on crutches, and Scott worked with me 3 days a week for 2 months. I can now ride a bike, squat, do TRX, leg presses, and much more. Everyone at SCAR is very knowledgeable

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9 Oct, 2017


My physical therapy at SCAR after rotator cuff surgery has been great! My therapist Scott knew when I was ready for new or increased activities even when I was wasn’t as confident, and I continued to gain strength and mobility. I am now able to pursue my regular activities with little to no limitation. I

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6 Oct, 2017

Bob H.

My son has been working with Sarah at SCAR. He recently ran pain free for the first time and hopes to make his next cross country meet October 14. Thank you for the attention and encouragement that you and the rest of the staff gave him. (October 2017)

2 Oct, 2017

Patricia A.

My experience at SCAR was great. I had been here before for other injuries, and just as expected they were able to help me get results. Lizz is a great PT, and she provided a good exercise program to help me get better. Mike is awesome. His Strain Counterstrain techniques worked wonders on my injuries.

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29 Sep, 2017

Edward F.

As a long time patient, my experiences have been great. I would recommend SCAR to anyone with aches and pains, or if they’re recovering from surgery. The staff is very professional and highly trained. They are also very flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments. (September 2017)

11 Sep, 2017

Jayme S.

My experience at SCAR was an A+. I started treatment with Jim when I tore my ACL 12 years ago because my surgeon recommended him highly. I returned to SCAR when I hurt my back, and again they were great! The third time I required treatment was after surgery on the cartilage in my knee.

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11 Sep, 2017

Amy B.

Coming to SCAR for physical therapy was a fantastic experience. The staff is friendly, fun, and supportive. Having an environment in which friendships are made, exercise groups are formed, and laughs are plenty made healing that much more exciting. I am thankful to my therapist, Lizz, and the SCAR staff. I would recommend SCAR to

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